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With over 12,000 employees and counting, we are a unique, highly technological and one of the biggest plant of the metallurgical industry.

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Steel Cord

Steel Cord

Steel cord is a group of steel wires twisted together with the aim of obtaining a single unit for further procession. The constant growth of steel cord consumption is explained by successful combina-tion of its operation features.
Hose Wire

Hose Wire

High pressure hose – is a hollow flexible rubber article of tubular shape reinforced by one or more layers of steel wire braid and designated for supply of liquids under pressure to actuating mechanisms in hydraulic drives of gears and machines
Bead Wire

Bead Wire

A board ring made of steel wire covered with bronze for provision of chemical adhesion to rubber is the main reinforcing component of the board part of a tire. The preliminarily rubberized strand (consisting of 4-10 wires) in several revolutions (by 20) forms a rectangular cross section of bead ring. Rings with hexagonal cross section are formed from preliminarily rubberized and placed single wire

Those Are Just Our Best Selling Products, There Are Plenty More

  • Spring Wire

  • General Purpose

  • Wire For Nails

  • Wire for Spokes

  • Wire For Meshes

  • Steel Wicker Single Mesh

  • Welding Wire

  • Reinforcing Wire

  • Fibers

  • Dies

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